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Our payment unit is the click, each click means a film sent to a festival. You can purchase from one click only to 100 clicks.
The more clicks you buy, more free clicks you get.
Estimate what you need, bearing in mind that clicks never expire and that they can be used for any of your films.
However, they cannot be transferred.
Choose the number of clicks and pay for them safely with Paypal.  
1 click for:                     1€
from 5 clicks:                5€
from 10 clicks:            10€
from 20 clicks:            20€ (+1 free click)
from 50 clicks:            50€ (+4 free clicks)
from 100 clicks:        100€ (+10 free clicks)
from 200 clicks:        200€ (+25 free clicks)

from 300 clicks:        300€ (+45 free clicks)
from 500 clicks:        500€ (+87 free clicks)
Remember, these are film-sending prices. Some festivals have their own participation fees. 
Many festivals are free, but others are not. Use our browser prior to making your choice and that way you won´t have any surprises

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