Frequently asked questions
What is Click for festivals?
It is a tool for directors, distributors and film festivals. Click for festivals gives you the opportunity to make submissions of your work to any festival in the world. You will be able to store your files in our Platform and show them from there to whoever you want. The organizers of our associated festivals will be able to consult your data sheet and invite you to join their festivals. And all of this can be done with one click only! 
How much does it cost?
The more clicks you buy, the more you save every time you send a film. You can consult our price list on the top menu of our website. Both distributors and schools will be offered special promotions, once they have signed up in our system.
You can use our Paypal payment gateway to increase your click balance. With Click for festivals you can make your submission to several festivals, or make several submissions to one festival in the same process...At the end of the operation, a click per sending will be discounted from your account balance.
How long can my film be stored in the server?
Your file can be stored in our server for a maximum of 2 months without being submitted to any festival, and for one month after the end of the last festival to which it was submitted. Until that moment files can be downloaded.
How do I pay the fees?
Click for festival is not responsible for the fees payable to festivals that require them. Every participant is responsible for such payments, according to the regulations set by each festival. During the process, users will be informed that a submission to those festivals is subject to the payment of the required fees.
How do I make my submissions to a Festival?
There are two ways:
1.- Choose the festival that interests you from the festival list and make your submissions to the festival.
2.- Choose the film that interests you from the film list and make your submission to the festivals of your choice. Remember that you can choose the version of your work that best suits the targeted festival.
How do I upload my film?
You just have to create an account and you will be able to store your work in our Platform. Complete the basic details (title, director, etc) and start uploading the file. While the file is being uploaded, you can complete the remaining technical data on your film´s data sheet.
If you use several browsers you will be able to upload several films at the same time from the same account.
Uploading time for each film will depend on each user´s type of connection. An average estimate is of one hour per each Gigabyte file.
Will it be possible to upload several versions of a film associated with the same data sheet?
Yes, you can. You won´t need to complete a new data sheet to upload different versions of your work. For instance, you can attach an English subtitled version. This version will appear on your film list associated with the principal uploaded version. When submitting it to a festival, just click on the relevant version.
What type of files can be uploaded?
Any video clip format can be uploaded.
Who will have access to my data? Is my film safe? Is the copyright of my work protected?
The festivals associated with our platform are entitled to see the data sheet and trailer of your film.
Our server's security protocol prevents a film from being viewed or downloaded without the relevant prior permission.
Submissions deadline
The deadlines will be indicated as festival local time.
My work selection process
Authors will be informed of the correct submission of their works to festivals, as well as the relevant selection processes.

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