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The first step is to create your account as a Director or Distributor. Next, you will receive an account verification email and from that moment, you can start uploading your films, consulting our Platform's list of Associated Festivals and submitting your work to the festivals that interest you.

Click for festivals gives the opportunity to submit a short to many festivals, or many shorts to one festival. We want you to have your submissions only one click away.

You can enter your account anytime to find out your click balance, purchase more clicks and obtain discounts according to the quantity requested.

An important detail is that if your short is selected, we will return the click.

Film schools will enjoy the same promotions as distributors. We want all of you to be able to show your art in the easiest possible way.


Create your account as a Festival. You will receive an account verification email and from that moment you can complete your festival data sheet.

You can include the logo for your festival, indicate the dates of the event and create the relevant deadlines, choose the competition's categories or genres and your festival regulations, which will be available for consultation by directors and distributors.

Click for festivals' administrators will associate your different festival sections, so that every user can make their own selection.

As festival organizers you will be able to access our Click for festivals' full film catalogue, consult data sheets and view trailers, when they are available.

We have created an email invitation system that provides an easy way to get in contact with film authors or distributors to let them know that you are interested in their works.

Moreover, this Platform will allow you to organize all films submitted to your festival in folders created as you go along and according to your preferences.

Regarding juries and promoters, you will be able to manage as many permissions as may be necessary, so that they can view films from anywhere in the world. Use the previously created folders to distribute this task better.

Click for festivals will also allow you to upload from your account those submissions that reached you by traditional delivery. Once you have uploaded the film, you can save it in the folder you wish.

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