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Say good-bye to those shelves full of DVD submission forms! Do away with those scissors that are always needed to open the boxes...
Click for festivals is the definitive tool that will allow you and your juries to dedicate your time to what you really like: watching films, discovering and awarding talent.
It is easily done, and this is how it works:
1. Create your account
2. Start immediately receiving films, with high quality, in your private zone. You can then distribute them among your programmers and juries, at your convenience.
3. Create and manage the votes of the juries on line
4. Resolve automatically the notifications to the selected and awarded participants.
We are sure that this tool will revolutionize the organization of festivals. By having your own private viewing room, you will be able to centralize all the information in one place and manage the films submitted in a personalized way. 
With Click for festivals you can create a network with your juries and programmers and share with them whatever you wish, since you will be allowed to create personalized access to the films.
You will have at your disposal a private message system with your juries and with registered directors, as well as with everyone listed in our catalogue. As a matter of fact you will be able to communicate with those that you consider of interest, despite the fact that they are not in our platform.
It is a step forward. It is the necessary step. And it is so simple, practical and economical that it costs nothing.

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