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Welcome to simplicity, control and economy.
Click for festivals will allow you to manage your catalogue in the easiest and most practical way. With just one click you can send several films to a festival, or a film to several festivals.
Does this mean the end of DVD copies? YES, indeed! This is how it works:
Upload your catalogue to the private area. You can have a file for each version associated with the same film data sheet.
1. Use our links with other platforms and save uploading time.
2. Organize your catalogue and search festivals based on your own criteria. Click for festivals will allow you to make several submissions to a festival, or make a submission to many festivals.
And what´s more, if you already have your films in another platform (Dropbox, Vimeo...) you won´t need to upload them again. Just supply the relevant link.
You are now ready to manage your films in your private zone, make personalised searches, make your submissions to festivals, change or add versions, follow up every festival... Bear in mind that worldwide festival organizers will be able to consult your data sheet, watch your trailers and contact you to invite you to participate in their festivals.
We have thought of everything to enable your directors to seize every opportunity and for the maximum optimisation of your own time.

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