06/06/2017 - 08/06/2017

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90064  Los Angeles CA ()
United States
Categorías: Fiction Animation Documentary Experimental Music Video
Advertising Web Series
Deadline: 25/04/2017 

Festival open to all cultures, all media, all lengths, all completed by dates.

Each Category has a Best Of Winner and there is a Grand Prize Winner $45,000.00 In Awards.

Judges are from Marvel, SAG/AFTRA, 3D International Society, ATAS, Grammys, Gemini, BMI & More. 

3D: Content created with 3D technology or transferred to be screened in 3D, all lengths and genres. DCP format screened. NVidia is awarding a 3D Vision Kit & Asus Monitor.

Animation: Including but not limited to Stop Motion, Claymation, Classic, etc. 

Feature: Any format including but not limited to 35mm, 16mm, 8mm, 2D, HD, 5D, 7D, SI Canon, Alexa, etc. Over 30 minutes.

Machinima: MachinmaExpo and The New Media Festival have joined forces to enhance both the MachinExpo in Second Life and the real-life New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Mobile/Tablet: Audiovisual works created by your cell phone camera and/or tablet. This medium has become an area of interest for many distributors and other content aggregators.

New Media: Since New Media is an ever evolving arena, we have this category for those of you that have created something that you feel does not fit into our other categories listed. Any length. Possibly 5d, 7d, SI, Interactive, Gaming.

Shorts: Shorts are narrative or documentary works created on any format (digitally, HD, 16mm, Super8, etc.) with a duration under 30 minutes. Can include webisodes, commercials, pilots, narrative or documentary under 30 minutes.

Shot on RED: All content shot on RED cameras. 

Sniplers - 30 second pitch: Sniplers - snippets of a trailer - are 30 second spots that are the stepping stones to get films funded, made, and seen in a longer format. Sniplers can be produced for any project ranging from web content to features. 

SRC- Socially Responsible Content: This is for any type of film & media content that has a socially responsible message and would like to be considered for competition in this category. Including but not limited to PSA's, short industrials, journalism.

STEAM-Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math: You may submit any genre, any length for this category. The subject matter must at some point touch on or involve one of the elements above.  

Student: If you are a student, this is for you. All lengths, All genres accepted.

Web Series: If you have multiple webisodes that pertain to the same theme or are part of a larger series, submit them as as a web series. Like individual webisodes, web series may be created on any media (digital, HD, 35mm, Super8, etc.) but they are intended for exclusive distribution on the Web. Content may include narrative, documentary, and experimental material in any genre. 

Pilot: Pilots are created for all kinds of projects, not just TV.

LGBT: Any length.

Drone: Any Genre, any length. All drone content accepted.

Documentary: Any length.

Digital comics: Any length.

Music Video.

English subtitles are mandatory.

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.


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