23/12/2023 - 23/12/2023

Via Antonio Malaspina 11   +393358232071
73100 Lecce (Lecce)   info@leccefilmnetwork.it
Italy   https://www.leccefilmnetwork.it/
Categorías: Fiction Animation Documentary Experimental Music Video
Advertising Web Series
Deadline: 13/12/2023 

The Lecce Film Network is an International Film Festival with four seasonal competitions and an annual public Screening and Awards ceremony held in Lecce (Italy) in December 2023 (dates and locations soon available on the official website www.leccefilmnetwork.it).

The Festival is open to all professionals and non-professionals who have reached 18 years of age and to any film in any genre and length.

If the film is selected for the live screening of the annual event, the director must be able to attend the screening in Lecce.

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.


Actividad subvencionada por el Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte