25/09/2017 - 06/10/2017

JAT PK 13710 PO BOX 6987   +628170805358
11470 Jakarta (DKI Jakarta)
Categorías: Fiction Animation Documentary Experimental Music Video
Advertising Web Series
Deadline: 01/09/2017 

The Festival mission is to promote films that tackle peace, inspiration, and equality issues, each with their unique methods of storytelling:

This competition is open to international entries.

The film production could be from any year.

English subtitles are mandatory.

- The festival accept 5 category:

International Feature Films: Feature length narratives with a minimum running time of 60 minutes. International movies with various spoken language are welcomed, but must be added with English subtitles.

International short films: Short narrative films with run time of 59 minutes and below.

Documentary Feature: Film over 60 minutes in length.

Documentary Short: Film with run time of 59 minutes and below.

Newcomer: We are welcoming new comer in the movie industry. The film director must stated that the movie is his or her third movie (or under) on his/her application.

Music & Video: Music videos under 5 minutes in length

All-in-one Package (5):
The package is applied for: directing, cinematography, editing, performance, story, actors, actress, sound, production design, costume design, music, etc. The festival will give separate awards. Please email your category of choice to:

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.


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