09/05/2014 - 11/05/2014

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35020 Ponte San Nicolò (PD)
Categorías: Fiction Animation Documentary Experimental Music Video
Advertising Web Series
Deadline: 28/02/2014 
Works must be no more than 3 years old (produced after 01/01/2011). Works already released or presented to oher competitions are adimitted.
Each author can participate to the selection with a maximum of two works, regardless of the section they enter.
The competition has three sections:
1. NARRATIVE SHORT FILMS: for live action fictional short films.
2. ANIMATION: for short films created with any animation techique (traditional, stop motion, pixilation, 2D, CG, 3D, ...)
3. MUSIC VIDEOS: for videos especially designed to promote a specific music piece.
Narrative Short Film: Only narrative live action short films can enter the competition. Video documentaries, art-videos, dance-videos and pictures sequences will not be accepted. Works participating to the narrative short film section may have either a free or a given theme.
The short films must develop one of the following themes:
• Free theme: With no restraints to content and genre.
Bridge: This theme can be analized from every point of view, with any meaning and by any facet. For instance, the film can tell about physical, real, unreal, ancient or modern bridges. The bridge could be metaphorical: the encounter of two different realities, the breaking of a barrier, getting near someone... The theme can also be related to cultural exchanges and relationship between European cities (twinnings).
UN International Year -Family farming: to promote understanding about concepts like: Family and small-scale farming are inextricably linked to world food security, Family farming preserves traditional food products, while contributing to a balanced diet and safeguarding the world’s agro-biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources, Family farming represents an opportunity to boost local economies, especially when combined with specific policies aimed at social protection and well-being of communities. The theme can be analized around family farming or -in abroader meaning - it can referto the value of small scale production, to the importance of small things, to the variety and local diversity.
Slowness: The theme can be developed around the slowness of a physical movement of a person, an object, an animal, a process or an event. The theme may also be dealt with by using slowness as a narrative style, as a characteristic of the narrative speed or of the editing rhythm. The theme can lead to reflecting about the fact that slowness is not only a physical matter, but also a social necessity, a way to notice the other: listening and dialoguing is the only way to get a proper vision of our historical and human context.
Narrative shorts must have a maximum duration of 15 min.
Animated Short Films: Works of any subject and any genre can participate in the animation section.
The animated short films must have a maximum duration of 15 min.
Musical Videos : Both live action and animated videos are accepted.

Musical videos must have a maximum duration of 5 min.
Creative Commons: Corti a Ponte devotes special attention to short films published under a Creative Commons licence, or whose material has been released under a Creative Commons licence (images,screenplay, music, etc). Only works that express and apply the licence correctly will be eligible for the competition. If the selection committee notices irregularities or improprieties in a valuable work, the film might be admitted under reserve and the author will be required to bring the necessary changes. Authors who used Creative Commons materials or who published the short film with a CC licence are advised to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ Creative Commons) on the Festival website www.
Works have to be in Italian or, if not in Italian, with Italian subtitles. Works in foreign languages with english subtitles are admitted, but subtitles have to be included in an .srt file with correct time-codes, so that the Organization will be able to translate them in Italian.
Carefully read the rules and regulations before submitting.

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.


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