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Deadline: 15/May/2019 

The Slum Film Festival is the first ever film platform-featuring stories from slums, about slum realities and made by film-makers from the slums in Africa – and beyond.

Entrants can submit short films (3-30 minutes) or feature films (31-120 minutes).

This year’s theme is 'Rebirth’. Films about this theme would be really appreciated, but it is not compulsory.

Entrants may submit 3 films as an individual. This doesn’t prohibit individuals from being involved in other submitted films, expect as a director.

Submitted shot films must have been completed after 31st May 2017

If the original language of any dialogue or text featured in the film is not English, the preview and screening copy must be subtitled in English. (Embedded)

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.


- FEATURE FILMS (31-120 min)
- SHORT FILM (3-30 min)