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Fiction Animation Documentary Experimental Music Video
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Deadline: 15/Jul/2023 

Shorts and features, either documentaries or fiction, including animation and experimental movies, 2018 topic: THE ABOLITION OF TIME

Participation is open to all producers and filmmakers of any nationality or origin.

Films subtitled in English or French are accepted in the selection process. The works finally selected must be in their original version with subtitles in Spanish (Castilian)

Each author can present the number of films that they want, except for films which have previously been submitted to this contest.


- CINEMÍSTICA (art cinema, auteur, philosophical, mental, experimental...)

- ANTHROPOLOGY: Ethnographic films.

- 2023 Special Category MIRRORS OF LOVE

- FILMS FOR CHILDREN: 4 to 11 years old.

- YOUNG FILMMAKERS: Fiction, documentary, animation, art or experimental films, made by filmmakers up to 35 years and with less than 2 films produced.

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.


- 2023 - ESPEJOS DE AMOR (over 30 min)
- 2023 - ESPEJOS DE AMOR (up to 30 min)
- ANTHROPOLOGY (over 30 min)
- ANTHROPOLOGY (up to 30 min)
- CINEMISTICA - art films, auteur, mental, philosophical, experimental... (over 30 min)
- CINEMISTICA - art films, auteur, mental, philosophical, experimental... (up to 30 min)
- FILMS FOR CHILDREN (over 30 min)
- FILMS FOR CHILDREN (up to 30 min)