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Fiction Animation Documentary Experimental Music Video
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Deadline: 31/May/2017 

Short films in competition will be accepted without limitation of gender and narrative register.

Video works will be considered in any language, as long as subtitled in Italian.

Three competitive sections are planned:

  • TOTO, I HAVE THE IMPRESSION THAT WE ARE NO MORE IN KANSAS (FICTION maximum duration 20'): This section, inspired by a line from "The Wizard of Oz", a Victor Fleming film dated 1939, will accept fiction short films in which cinema becomes an imagination machine where nothing is impossible;
  • SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO LIE, AS TO TELL THE TRUTH (DOCUMENTARY - maximum duration 15 '): The phrase of the great documentary film maker Robert J. Flaherty reminds that the documentary is not a neutral means: it implies an ethical and political position taken by the author;
  •  THE MOVIE IS MINE AND I PUT ALL THE RABBITS I WANT TO (EXPERIMENTAL SHORT FILMS - maximum duration 15 '): The experimental short films section uses a David Lynch sentence to recall the visual and narrative experimentation as a challenge to common sense.

In addition to the three competitive sections, there is also a non-competitive section dedicated to the classical world, inspired by a documentary phrase of Pier Paolo Pasolini "La Rabbia" (1963): cultural associations, archaeological groups, voluntary organizations working in the field of preservationof the "classical world" are invited to send their ready material or to produce a new one for the occasion.

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.


- CLASSICAL WORLD (out of competition)
- DOCUMENTARY (up to 15 min)
- EXPERIMENTAL (up to 15 min)
- FICTION (up to 20 min)