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Deadline: 28/Apr/2019 

ESNE - University School of Design, Technology and Innovation, calls the 8th Edition ESNE Feelmotion 2019, International Short Film Festival for Designers .

Participation terms:

  • ESNE students: Students enrolled during the school year 2018/19 in ESNE University School of Design, Innovation and Technology belonging to any degree taught at the University School (including ESTEC and ESNE Oviedo).
  • ESNE alumni: ESNE graduates in any of the degrees given at the school.
  • Spanish secondary school students: Any student of 3rd ESO, 4th ESO, 1st Baccalaureate or 2nd Baccalaureate during the school year 2018/19, in any centre of the Spanish national territory, either public or private for the special category Joven and the special category Rock.
  • Students from other universities: students registered in any international university, whether public or private. Film schools are excluded.
  • Students from other Universities in any national or international territory. Note: Students of Film Schools, whose official titles are not University degree will be excluded, except for the special category Profesional and the special category Rock.


Special award Joven: The special young prize will be awarded to the best short film sent by high school students and secondary school in Spanish territory. It will proceed to comply with the general rules, although it will not enter the competition with the rest of the shorts.
• Special award Rock: The special Rock Award will be given to the short film that best reflects some element of the Rock culture or uses rock as a guiding thread, is it fiction, documentary, animation, video art or video clip. It will proceed to comply with the general rules, although it will not enter the competition with the rest of the shorts.
• Special award Profesional: The Professional Special Prize will be a competition among students of Film Schools from all over the world, excluding the students from an official university degree, as well as of independent production teams, provided that most of its members are under 30 years old. The prize will consist of a special trophy.
Special award Animaweek: Special prize created to choose the best of the short films generated in ESNE during a week by a team of students of the Animation HND. They are short films of less than 2 minutes in 2D animation around the theme "mice" chosen by the direction of the Degree.

Duration of the short film shall not exceed 7 minutes.

The subject of the submitted pieces is free.

The official language of all the short films is Spanish. Should any film have dialogue in any other language, it must have Spanish subtitles.

The number of short films any participant can submit is unlimited.

A film can only be registered in two categories from the official section plus any applicable category from the special section.

All short films must be original and unpublished.

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.


- ANIMATION (ESNE students)
- ANIMATION: University students
- COMEDY FICTION: University students
- COMMERCIAL (ESNE students)
- COMMERCIAL: University students
- DOCUMENTARY: University students
- DRAMA FICTION: university students
- FASHION FILM (ESNE students)
- FASHION FILM (university students)
- MUSIC VIDEO (ESNE students)
- MUSIC VIDEO: University students
- PROFESSIONAL PRIZE (film students or indepent productions, under 30 years old)
- ROCK SPECIAL PRIZE (university students)
- SOCIAL ESSAY (ESNE students)
- SOCIAL ESSAY (university students)
- VIDEO ART (ESNE students)
- VIDEO ART: University students