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Deadline: 31/May/2023 

HorrorFest movies must be horror-related, but can have various sub-genres (eg. horror-comedy)

With the bulk of the Horrorfest moved on-line since 2020 (expanding the event's reach), we're giving submitters the choice whether they'd like their movies to be accessible worldwide via the Global Horrorfest category, or geo-blocked for African territory only in the South African Horrorfest.

Short film running time should not exceed 30 mins. 

Feature film length: minimum 60 mins. / maximum 125 mins (contact us if your production falls outside of these runnign times )

If your film's spoken language is not English, English subtitles must be hardcoded/burned into the film and not supplied as a separate track or file.

There are no restrictions for the production's country of origin.

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.


- FEATURE FILM: between 60 and 125 minutes (Geo-Blocked For Africa)
- FEATURE FILM: between 60 and 125 minutes (global access)
- SHORT FILMS: Up to 30 minutes (Geo-Blocked For Africa)
- SHORT FILMS: Up to 30 minutes (global access)