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Deadline: 26/Oct/2018 

Instead of paying submission fees and getting nothing in return, EVERYONE who submits to DOFIFF.COM will receive EITHER ONE OF TWO benefits: Either

1): your film is already competition calibre, and becomes an Official Selection.

2): you’ll receive a letter outlining exactly what is keeping it from being accepted. If you can make corrections, you resubmit for FREE. 

First-time filmmakers: when have you ever received a letter and had the festival explain "WHY" you weren't selected? See why filmmakers thank us and say “Best Festival Ever!” 

-Guaranteed distributor review by World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation (WWMPC.COM), Adler & Associates, and Polaris Pictures (for Screenplays) among others, AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU, for our select few ‘Best Of Show’ and "Award of Outstanding Excellence" winners based on sufficient qualified entries. For this free service, DOFIFF requires NO CONTRACTS to be signed. 

-The chance to thereby be included in one of that distributor’s buyers’ packets on the world film market 

-If you win an award, you can now post your award on IMDb! (we are IMDb qualified)

-A festival that is run as a web-based competition, instead of a traditional film festival: 100% of our effort and investment goes into finding a market for you, not into renting theatres unless it is dictated by the distributors to further test the market. 

-Any film that is rejected will receive a personal letter explaining what elements caused the rejection (unlike other fests who never give any explanation at all). HINT: majority of rejections or low award levels, are due to insufficient volume on dialogue soundtracks. 

-Any film that is accepted, but fails to move on to award status, will be given a free synopsis of the judges notes, at the filmmakers request, for free 

-FREE Earlybird entry of any rejected film, into DOFIFF’s next competition, upon completion of the suggested corrections outlined in your rejection letter 

-$28 flat fee for ALL STUDENT FILM ENTRIES regardless of deadline status (proof required of student status at time of filming: no refunds if your ID is not legitimate) 

No time limits for production date


Submissions in other than English must be subtitled, dubbed or include an English transcript.




DRAMA: Feature films in the drama/romance genre, with a running time of 60-115 minutes.


COMEDY: Feature films in the comedic genre, with a running time of 60-115 minutes.


SCI-FI: Feature films in the science fiction genre, with a running time of 60-115 minutes.


HORROR: Feature films in the horror genre, with a running time of 60-115 minutes.


DUST COLLECTOR: Feature films that were produced up until, and including, 2008, with a running time of 60-115 minutes.


ZERO BUDGET: Any feature film with a running time of 60-115 minutes, any genre! actors and crew must be unpaid. No fee-paid original music scores---music must be from pre-recorded software or associates who do it for free. any entrants who are found not to meet these requirements will be disqualified.


DOCUMENTARY: Any film, any length, produced strictly in a documentary style format ("based on true story," "inspired by true story," and "docudramas" do not qualify).


INSPIRATIONAL: Any film, any length with inspirational, religious or moral themes relating to the triumph of the human spirit, taking on the challenge to 'do what's right,' making the world a better place in some way, etc.


ALTERNATE MEDIA: Any film produced using alternate filming methods (i.e., cell phone), any length, any genre.  (Please: no ‘home movie’ type submissions. This is for scripted plots only).


LOOSE SHORTS: Any film with a running time of 15-59 minutes. ANY GENRE!


TIGHT SHORTS: Super short films with a running time of 15 minutes or less. ANY GENRE!


STUDENT: Feature or short films produced by students. (proof required of student status at time of filming: no refunds if your ID is not legitimate)


TV SHOW: Episodic TV shows, 60 minutes or less. Any genre!


TV COMMERCIALS: any TV commercial 1 minute or less.


PSA: Any public service announcement, any length.


ANIMATED: Any animated feature or short, any length (may include live action segments).


LGBT: Any genre (drama, comedy, documentary, inspirational, etc), and length (short or feature), related to the LGBT community/lifestyle.

WEBISODE: Any series produced in a webisode format, any length, any genre: SUBMIT PILOT EPISODE ONLY.

ART-HOUSE FILM: Film genre which encompasses films where the content and style – often artistic or experimental. Great for any film with artistic flair that does not adhere to a 'typical' category. Can be short or feature length.

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.


- ACTION / ADVENTURE running time of 60-115 minutes
- ANIMATED feature or short, any length
- COMEDY running time of 60-115 minutes
- DRAMA running time of 60-115 minutes
- DUST COLLECTOR running time of 60-115 minutes
- EPIC running time of 116 - 180 minutes
- HORROR running time of 60-115 minutes
- LOOSE SHORTS running time of 15-59 minutes
- PSA: any public service announcement, any length.
- SCI-FI running time of 60-115 minutes
- STUDENT feature or short films
- TIGHT SHORTS running time of 14 minutes or less
- TRAILER 5 minutes or less
- TV COMMERCIAL 1 minute or less
- TV SHOW 60 minutes or less
- ZERO BUDGET running time of 60-115 minutes