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19355 Malvern (Pennsylvania)
United States
Telephone: 610-889-4928
Email: terrorfilmfestival@gmail.com
Web: http://www.TerrorFilmFestival.net
Fiction Animation Documentary Experimental Music Video
Advertising Web Series

Deadline: 21/Aug/2017 

Short films must be 01 to 59 minutes including credits, and feature films must be 60 to 180 minutes (including credits). All films can be original or adapted works and Your film must be in English, or subtitled and/or dubbed in English.

We don’t care if it’s been screened elsewhere, or whether it’s screening at the same time that we are screening it, or what year it was made.

We offer the opportunity for filmmakers and screenwriters to make money with their film or script by allowing the audience to instantly buy a copy during our Call For Entries and the Festival Run, and we take no percentage. By submitting Your film to TFF You hereby authorize TFF to exhibit the submitted film online during the TFF festival run, and for promotional purposes to promote TFF.

We accept: Animation, Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller, Drama, Documentary, Experimental, Music Videos, Narrative, Fiction.


HORROR: Centered upon or depicting terrifying or macabre events, intense and profound fear, or frightfully shocking and terrifying scenarios. Zombies, monsters, vampires, ghosts, chainsaws, scary, horromedy, blood, guts, gore, etc.

FANTASY: Extravagant and unrestrained imagination that forms wonderous or strange fancies, unreal and fantastic, unrestricted by reality. Wizards, faeries, witches, mythology, spells, mysticism, lore, superheroes, etc.

SCIENCE FICTION: Imaginatively based scenes involving scientific knowledge or speculation, or the imagined impact of science on society. Space, experiments, galactic, continuums, robots, cybernetics, futuristic, etc.

THRILLER: Excitement and manifestation that produces keen sensory emotional response and riveting suspense. Twists, noir, spy, mystery, etc.

DARK DRAMA: Dark situations involving conflicting or contrasting dark characters and scenarios. Dark psyche, powerful, psychological, twisted, experimental, extraordinary, mind-bending, DARK, etc.

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.


- DARK DRAMA FEATURE (60 to 180 minutes)
- DARK DRAMA SHORT FILM (01 to 59 minutes)
- FANTASY FEATURE (60 to 180 minutes)
- FANTASY SHORT FILM (01 to 59 minutes)
- HORROR FEATURE (de 60 a 180 minutos)
- HORROR SHORT FILM (01 to 59 minutes)
- SCIENCE FICTION FEATURE (60 to 180 minutes)
- SCIENCE FICTION SHORT FILM (01 to 59 minutes)
- THRILLER FEATURE (60 to 180 minutes)
- THRILLER SHORT FILM (01 to 59 minutes)