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Deadline: 31/Dec/2014 

"ADVENTURE AWARDS DAYS will feature a selection of the best adventure SNOW AND FREERIDE SKI films, new and old, from around the world".

There are no limits of age, citizenship or residence.

The competition is open to short films. Films can be presented in any original language and if not in english, it's mandatory to provide english subtitles. Subtitles should be converted in a .srt file with correct time-codes, so that the organization will be able to translate them in Italian too.

Participation in this Festival is compatible with any other Festival and with obtaining other awards and/or grants.

Each author can participate with maximum three works. The competition has one main section.

The Festival is focused on narrative fiction or documentary short movies with a suggested maximum length of 30 minutes. Movies with special merits will be accepted till a maximum length of 60 minutes.

Short films can have a free theme, but it must be focused on adventure, environment, sport, human inspiration and the story of an emotion.

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.


- ADVENTURES FEATURE FILM (Up to 60 minutes)
- ADVENTURES SHORT FILMS (Up to 30 minutes)