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Deadline: 01/Jun/2016 

All sections, with the exception of the Iraqi Film Competition (New Horizons), are open to filmmakers from all nations.

All submitted films must have been produced after January 1st 2014 with the exception of films from the country selected to be the “guest of honor” and a few selections for the Panorama section.

English or Arabic subtitles are mandatory.

Official Competitions: There are three: for long fiction, short fiction, and documentaries.

Panorama: This non-competitive section screens a selection of films produced in the country selected to be the “guest of honor”. Seminars are also organized to provide information about this country`s cinema, history, culture and film-makers.

New Horizons: This section is reserved for Iraqi film-makers, encouraging in particular students who have graduated from the Faculty and Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces.

Human Images: This section awards a prize for the best films on human rights in Iraq and the world. It aims to encourage Iraqi and non-Iraqi filmmakers to deal with this issue and use cinema to highlight the reality of people, in Iraq and elsewhere, who suffer from the violation of human rights. A particular focus on the rights of women and children is encouraged.

Arab Women Film- makers: This section is reserved for Iraqi and Arab women film-makers in order to encourage them to be part of the cinema business and demonstrate how they have been able to overcome difficulties and obstacles, competing equally with their male colleagues.

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.


- LONG FICTION: 1 hour minimum
- NEW HORIZONS (for Iraqi filmmakers only)
- SHORT FICTION: Up to 30 minutes