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Deadline: 31/May/2014 

The goal of the DC Chinese Film Festival is to uncover excellent Chinese focused films and foster cultural exchange through screenings and other activities. With this mission in mind, the programming committee has begun the collection of original films from all over the world, extending a special welcome to newcomers and independent filmmakers. With the addition of online competition units and special categories, the committee hopes that the festival will serve as a cradle for independent Chinese cinema.

The Film Must Satisfy at least One of the Conditions Below

- The main language of the film is a Chinese language or dialect

- The creative team includes persons of Chinese ethnicity (e.g. director, screenwriter, lead actor/actress, cinematographer, and editor)

- The film’s content focuses on Chinese society, Chinese culture or the lives of Chinese people.

Rules and Terms for Main Competition (Feature and Short)

- DC Chinese Film Festival’s definition of a feature-length film is of 40 minutes or more (but 150 minutes or less), a short is 40 minutes or less

- The entry must be a film, which has completed production after June 30, 2012

- Every applicant may submit a maximum three films

- Films of all genres can be entered in the short category (if the film entered is an experimental animation, please check the experimental box on the entry form)

- The film has not released or distributed (including online distribution) in the Washington, DC area and will not be released in full on any other online platform during DC Chinese Film Festival

- Due to the fact that our film festival judges are from both China and U.S., all submissions are required to have embedded English subtitles, costs of close captioning or subtitling are covered by the applicants

Rules and Terms for Online Competition (Student and Amateur)

- DCCFF welcomes student film, and encouraged amateur filmmakers to express themselves visually. DCCFF recommend film school students to participate in the main competition categories, applicants in this category must meet the following criteria

- Creative team members (including director, screenwriter, lead actor/actress, cinematographer, and editor) are students

- The participating director, producer or team has not previously completed feature length film (short film experience is fine)

- The participating director, producer or team’s previous films has not been commercially released or released in any region

- Entry must be 40 minutes or less

- Entry must be a film completed after June 30, 2012

- Every applicant may submit up to three films

Rules and Terms for Online Competition (Cell Phone Micro-film)

- The clip is shot by a handheld mobile device (cell phone, tablet etc.)

- The duration of the clip is 3 minutes or less

- Every applicant may submit up to five works

- Film type is not limited, creative and experimental works are encouraged

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.


- CELLPHONE MICROFILM (under 3 Minutes)