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Deadline: 27/May/2018 

The Globale International Documentary Film Festival - Bogotá invites documentary fi lmmakers and audiovisual producers to submit proposals that revolve around utopias under construction, that is, human and non-human resistance to live in freedom and autonomy.

Its objective is to generate scenarios of denunciation, dialogue, awareness, and analysis of reality based on the themes established for each version. Thus, it proposes transforming established cultural, social, and economic models. For them, we resort to the documentary without a hierarchy of formats, media, qualities, or academic or industrial validations.

We are recieving pieces that...

  • Has been produced since 2018
  • Has a minimum duration of 1 minute
  • Fall into one of the following genres:
  • Documentary
  • Docufi ction
  • Experimental documentary (audiovisual or sound)
  • It is in Spanish or has Spanish subtitles.
  • Have an exhibition permit: Copyleft, Creative Commons, or a free exhibition authorization.
  • It must be related to a selected sub-theme.

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.