INVICINES (Argentina)

5001 Córdoba (Córdoba)
Telephone: 0351 157524175
No fee
Fiction Animation Documentary Experimental Music Video
Advertising Web Series

Deadline: 01/Jul/2024 

Theme: social issues.

Films up to 30 minutes lenght (including credits).

Produced after January 1st, 2021.

Spanish subtitles required.

Exhibition. The selected short films will be screened during the week of the Festival. Express authorisation is also requested from the filmmakers for the reproduction of their works: in fragments or in their entirety during the Festival's broadcasting in the media considered relevant; as part of a travelling section in parallel exhibitions or related activities; in the Festival's social networks and in spaces with which Invicines has an agreement (film clubs, television channels, etc.).

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.