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Fiction Animation Documentary Experimental Music Video
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Deadline: 30/Jun/2018 

ONLINE FESTIVAL: Any work that respects the guidelines and principles of this festival, regardless of its duration, will be accepted and made available for universal viewing through the You Tube channel, since the objective is to use cinematographic creativity to change the consciousness of human beings. The fifteen shorts that are accepted, and are the most viewed on the page, (a democratic election process by spectators from all over the globe), will form part of a single piece, (feature length film made up of the 15 shorts), which will premiere simultaneously worldwide next July 14, 2018, commemorating the date when the revolution (Enlightenment) in France proclaimed the rights of man.

English or Spanish subtitles required.

All works that comply with the following requirements may enter; denouncement of hate crimes and discrimination against refugees, ethnic or religious minorities, denouncement of intolerance against LGBT sexual options, exposure of the consequences of racism and social exclusion, exposure of the treatment of women and human beings

The film may not exceed ten minutes in length, from the beginning to the final credit. The opening credits, (not included as part of the fictional piece itself), may not exceed ninety seconds of duration, nor include audio that was not legally licensed from its owners.

Films produced after July, 1st 2012.

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.


- HUMAN RIGHT FILMS (up to 10 min)