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Fiction Animation Documentary Experimental Music Video
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Deadline: 15/Jul/2018 

The Film Must Satisfy at least One of the Conditions Below

-      The main language of the film is a Chinese language or dialect

-      The creative team includes people of Chinese ethnicity/heritage (e.g. director, screenwriter and lead actor/actress) This includes people with ethnic backgrounds from Chinese-speaking regions such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

-     The film’s content focuses on Chinese society, Chinese culture/heritage, or the lives of Chinese people/Chinese speaking people/people of Chinese heritage.

Eligibility Requirements:

Feature-length film is of 40 minutes or more (150 minutes or less ), a short is 40 minutes or less

The entry must be a film, which has completed production after Jan. 01, 2017

The film has not released or distributed (including online distribution) in the Los Angeles, CA area and will not be released in full on any other online platform during LA Chinese Film Festival.

All submissions are required to have embed English subtitles.

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.


- FEATURE FILMS (40 to 150 minutes)
- SHORT FILMS (up to 40 minutes)