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Deadline: 30/Aug/2013 

The subtitle of the initiative, "habitats, cultures, adventures," summarizes the objectives of a project that aims to explore, through different proposals, happily untimely or unexpected challenges of man, the relationship with the environment, with distant and unknown communities, with customs and traditions of different cultures that express other worldviews.

Large enterprises coexist with daily survival strategies, a cinema that is intended to document the reality of living with fiction films, direct experience with the spectacular and the fabricated story. Everything is united by a spirit of discovery, which passes through the enthusiasm and efforts of individuals, who are confronted with the environment, wonder and desire for conquest, geography of the knowledge of self and others. During the festival there will be meetings with actors, directors, artists, witnesses, interpreters and moments of conviviality.
Foreign films will be screened in the original version with Italian subtitles and a print with English subtitles is required for films that are not in English. The following works are not eligible for selection: tourist promotion, makingof, current affairs report, television news, docu-soaps, video art, music videos, theatre and dance videos.


This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.