calle profesor Manuel Lara 105 Colonia Ojuelos
51350 Zinacantepec (ESTADO DE MEXICO)
Telephone: 7225127067
Fiction Animation Documentary Experimental Music Video
Advertising Web Series

Deadline: 20/Jan/2022 

Films will be exhibit face-to-face and online mode.

All works submitted must have been produced from January 1, 2021.

In order to be admitted, the films must be presented with Spanish subtitles if the original language film is different. 

The theme is free.

• The categories that will compete are:
1. Short Film Fiction .
2. Short Film Animation .
3. Short Film Experimental .
4. Short Film Documentary .
5. Music Videoclip .
6. TV or internet Serie .

Short films up to 25 minutes, including credits.

Music video up to 6 minutes length.

• In addition to the categories in competition, there will be a sample of feature films, which include the following categories:

1. Fiction
2. Documentary
3. Animation

Only feature films will be accepted in any of the following cases:

● That it be the Premium Opera , that is, that it is the first feature of the director presenting the work.
● That it is Premiere , that is to say that the material has ot been projected in other festivals, cineclubes, commercial or public rooms.

Minimum length of feature films: 60 minutesincluding credits.

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting.


- ANIMATED FEATURE (over 60 minutes)
- ANIMATED SHORT FILM (up to 25 minutes)
- DOCUMENTARY FEATURE (over 60 minutes)
- DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM (up to 25 minutes)
- EXPERIMENTAL SHORT FILM (up to 25 minutes)
- FICTION FEATURE FILM DEBUT (over 60 minutes)
- FICTION SHORT FILM (up to 25 minutes)
- MUSIC VIDEO (up to 6 minutes)